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The global food and beverage industry continues to deal with climate change, the economic downturn, obesity and diet-related illnesses, food safety and consumer trust, and the evolving consumer demands as lifestyles change around the world. Nevertheless, the industry and regulatory bodies have been continually setting up strategies to put in place to address these challenges.

From ensuring ingredient quality to the efficiency in manufacturing and packaging food and drink products, all the way to having traceability and visibility throughout the process to ensure continuous development towards the goal of providing good, safe and healthy food in dinner tables, every stakeholder are working vigorously to maintain the integrity of the food supply chain.

Amid these developments, the global sales of food processing machinery are expected to climb 7.3 percent per year to $53.3 billion in 2016, according to market analyst Freedonia Group, mainly driven by increased demand for processed foods in developing nations.

The Asia/Pacific region will record the fastest demand gains from 2011 to 2016, a CAGR of 9.5 percent per year. The strong Chinese market will be the primary driver of regional sales, as demand in the country will continue to advance at a rapid pace.

Freedonia added that healthy growth in India, Indonesia, and Thailand will complement sales gains in China. Rising personal incomes will spur increased demand for processed foods and a dietary shift toward more costly, non-staple items, while advancing industrialization in these nations will make it more efficient to process basic foods machine rather than manually. Likewise, sales of food processing machinery in other developing areas will climb at a healthy pace.

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