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In August of 1995, the first issue of Plastics No.One, a magazine for plastics processing industry professionals, saw the light of day. This delicate young shoot of a new idea has soon become the reputable trade magazine in German and English named EXTRUSION, as we know it today. The modern magazine focuses on the European reader who is familiar with it.
In 1997, at will of readers and advertisers, World of Plastics Asia magazine in Mandarin and English appeared (today known as EXTRUSION Asian Edition). In 2004, it was followed by EXTRUSION Russian Edition, a Russian-language version of EXTRUSION magazine. EXTRUSION Russia is read today in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Central Asia. Since 2014, EXTRUSION INTERNATIONAL magazine in English is available for the readers. In 2019 we started publishing EXTRUSION INTERNATIONAL USA digital edition. This is a version of our EXTRUSION INTERNATIONAL magazine supplemented for USA readership.
In 2003 our website went online. Since 2016 it has been restructured to the dedicated web portal under Smart_Extrusion brand. In addition to online versions of our magazines, the portal collects and publishes news, articles, case studies, and videos on extrusion from around the world. All the information is given in German, English, Chinese, and Russian, conveniently grouped by sub-topics (tags). We not only focus on providing simple descriptions of various processes, but also detailed explanations of the benefits for processors. Here, you can find the latest industry news, surveys, technical articles, reviews, case studies, videos and any other information related to extrusion technologies.
EXTRUSION is the global magazines in German, English, Chinese and Russian exclusively for the sectors: plastics extrusion, recycling, thermoforming, compounding, material handling, welding, converting of plastics and elastomers. Distributed worldwide the magazines are available both in print and online.