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The hearts of 2,400 consumers, the package must see!

Recently, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council conducted a packaged food research survey on 2,400 consumers in 10 cities in the Mainland . The online questionnaire interview and consumer forums will deepen understanding of consumer attitudes. Through this survey, we have a certain understanding of a series of trends in the current packaged food market, two of which are worth mentioning:



81% ofconsumers like “small packaging” and “independent packaging”


“Big packaging” has been favored by consumers because of its higher cost performance. However, one of the changes in packaging food in recent years has been the rise of “small packaging” and “independent packaging” , and this survey has also verified “small packaging” and The success of "independent packaging".

According to the survey, 81% of respondents agree that “I prefer to buy small packaging products with independent packaging, which is more refined and healthier than large packaging with higher cost performance.” The higher the income, the more I like to buy products with independent small packaging. . As you can see, people's demands for taste have shifted from pursuing brands to pursuing “diversity” and “exquisiteness”.


78% ofconsumers pursue packaging “quality” and “tidal”


In addition to the size of the packaging has become "exquisite", consumers are more concerned about the "material" (quality) and "trend" of food packaging. In terms of “materials”, consumers have clearly stated that they will purchase foods that are thicker and more quality.

According to the survey, 78% of respondents agree that “the quality of the food packaging reflects the quality of the product, and the packaging of the good product will be more quality and trendy.” Female respondents are more inclined to judge the quality of products through the material of food packaging. The higher the income, the more the packaging materials reflect the quality of the products. It can be said that the “quality sense” and “tidal” of the packaging provide the support for the “exquisite” and “exquisite” product image of the enterprise or the new brand.





Through this survey, we can clearly see that consumers are traditionally buying large packages with high cost performance, and instead prefer to buy small packages and “single foods have individual packaging”; at the same time, in addition to packaging small batches, customized, small volume In addition, the requirements of the market for packaging design requirements, production and printing processes are also increasing. Therefore, under this trend , it is an urgent problem to be solved in the food packaging industry to explore how to control the cost while making the packaging more stylish.



How to make the packaging more stylish



1, manual sense and sense of history

The chocolate is produced by the National Gallery of Singapore, so the design of the packaging design is concentrated on the special structure of the museum. The material is made of hand-made and historically strong grass paper, and the packaging pattern is reflected by unique hand-printing . With its interesting and novel appearance, it enhances the overall style and also enables users to create a desire for collection.


2, fun and practical

This snack is especially open in the mouth of the outer packaging pattern. The serrated design makes it easy for the consumer to open. After taking the food, it can be easily closed again. The packaging is more interesting, in line with the characteristics of casual food, and enhances the sense of practicality.


3. Original ecology and difference

In the food packaging design, the main graphics are designed with vegetables and fruits as the packaging, and the image of the high-end restaurant service personnel is hidden in the packaging screen to form a series of super visual images, which show a strong post-modern visual style. The unique creativity and graphic style not only reflect the original ecology of the product, but also have obvious differences with the market competition products, which in turn attracts users' attention.



How to make packaging control costs



1. Timely and moderately improve the final product yield rate


The pass rate of the final product represents the conversion rate from raw material to final product in a company's production process. The higher the pass rate, the more raw materials can be produced than the lower pass rate. Create a higher profit.


2, improve the utilization of raw materials


In actual production, efforts are made to improve the utilization rate and utilization rate of raw materials, and work hard on the use of various raw materials to avoid excessive intangible waste in production.


3. Standardized operation

Whether it is to improve the pass rate of the final product, or to improve the utilization rate of raw materials, it is inseparable from the standard operation, because the standardization operation can eliminate and avoid the bad habits in daily production, thus fundamentally Avoid the generation of a large number of waste products, and can reduce the existence of related quality and equipment.


4, improve production efficiency

Don't underestimate the role of production efficiency in controlling costs, because higher production efficiencies can produce more products in the same production time, and can lead to energy savings, reduced working hours, and so on. The proceeds.






According to this trend, in addition to food packaging, they not only want to attract customers' desire to buy on the packaging, but also let customers not want to unpack before enjoying the product, or they are not willing to discard after enjoying the product; Seek high-efficiency, low-input, high-output production solutions. Therefore, for enterprises, how to grasp the current market opportunities and master better solutions has become the primary problem for the development of enterprises.