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China is about to enter the "no-man's era", are you ready?

With the development of science and technology, more and more industries and cities have entered the "no-man's era And these things that were considered by everyone to be "Arabian Nights" a few years ago have become reality one by one! Therefore, today Xiaobian will give you a look at the black technology of "no one's era"!


Unmanned supermarket

On July 8, 2017, Ali's first unmanned supermarket officially opened. Customers can directly scan the code into the store, purchase orders, and automatically pay. The entire supermarket has no staff except the customer, and there is no need to scan the code to pay . The system will automatically identify your purchased goods at the gate and automatically deduct the money !


On December 2, 2017, Alfaba's intelligent driving bus system was first commissioned in Shenzhen Futian Free Trade Zone. At present, pedestrian, vehicle detection, deceleration avoidance, emergency stop, obstacle bypass, lane change, automatic stop by station, etc. under automatic driving have been realized. At the same time, each car is equipped with 16 laser heads to simultaneously emit laser beams, continuously scanning the outside world, the range can reach 100 meters, the precision reaches 2cm!

Unmanned dock

In May 2017, the first truly fully automated container terminal in Asia was officially opened in Qingdao Port. The handling of 4,500 containers was done entirely through automated operations, and the entire process was completely free of manual intervention. The cost of this new system construction is only 75% of the similar foreign terminals, which can increase production efficiency by 30% and reduce manpower by 70%.

Unmanned factory

Thousands of square meters of factory buildings, clean and tidy, the machine does not rest for 24 hours , but can not see an employee! At the same time, compared with the original labor, the efficiency has been improved by 20 times!

Unmanned cleaner

Some time ago, the world's first driverless clean team was officially born in Songjiang, Shanghai. Every morning at 2 am, the driverless cleaning car will automatically wake up. It can sense obstacles in front, pass traffic lights, roadside obstacles, and automatically turn at 90 degrees right angle and then automatically drive to the dumping dump, dumping garbage. Finally, return to the starting point, parked in the parking space, no need to be assisted throughout the journey.

Unmanned car vending machine

At the beginning of this year, a building with a height of 20 meters and a land area of ​​1,000 square meters and a cat head suddenly emerged in Guangzhou. Since then, it is not necessary to buy a car to go to the 4S shop and search for " super test drive" on Taobao or Tmall . Choose your favorite brand, model, and then go to the store. After brushing the face, after the recognition is successful, the store's lifting opportunity will automatically send the car to you in front of you; after getting the hand, there is still a 3-day deep test drive , test drive and then decide whether to buy this car.

The era of no one has arrived, are you ready?


This is just the tip of the iceberg of the "unmanned age ." Its arrival will not only replace the simple production work, but even create according to the behavior habits of consumers. (For example: the emergence of Ali AI Luban, can produce 8,000 posters per second) and all of this is based on intelligent manufacturing, with innovation as the fundamental and green as the theme, and common development and promotion.

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